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Advanced Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing & Imaging

The CEROS Core technical program will be augmented through technical outreach and information exchanges between CEROS sponsors and constituents. Technical outreach is the interface between the CEROS program and both the program's constituency and the public. Through outreach efforts, the CEROS program assists the ocean research and technology development community in Hawaii (the CEROS constituency) and the DoD (the CEROS sponsor) to develop and implement a superior technology development program. Outreach also provides information about the CEROS program and project results to the public. CEROS outreach activities typically include:

  • Technology workshops and conferences;
  • Quarterly newsletters featuring information about CEROS activities, meeting announcements and schedules and articles highlighting CEROS contractors;
  • Sponsored assemblies featuring federal funding administrators, naval science & technology advisors, State representatives and Hawaii ocean technology business leaders;
  • CEROS-sponsored workshops on proposal writing, presentations and report preparation to provide constituents with effective skills to compete for funding;
  • Informal meetings with small groups of constituents to discuss timely problems or mutual concerns; and
  • Pre-solicitation industrial briefings to inform potential offerors about the scope, direction and size of planned research solicitations.

The CEROS Program Manager for Outreach & Administration coordinates these efforts to augment the CEROS Core Program and thereby amplify the program's effectiveness. For more information about the CEROS Outreach Program, please contact Jacquie Brewbaker, [email protected].


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