The Proposal Process

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  1. CEROS selects and supports technical projects that are consistent with the CEROS mission for ocean research and technology development.
  2. CEROS procures research and technology development based on the priorities set in the program's technical goals; the procurement contracts will include terms and schedules for delivery.
  3. Proposals for Core development projects will be requested through annual solicitations.
  4. CEROS determines best value through technical and programmatic evaluations that match proposed efforts with DoD technology needs and with CEROS programmatic objectives within the available budget.
  5. CEROS technical contracting policy is approved by DARPA as a condition for funding CEROS and must be consistent with applicable federal and state acquisition regulations and guidelines.
  6. Plans for proposal solicitation and evaluation may also include pre-proposal activities that may involve publicity, notification to possible bidders, or meetings to explain the CEROS procedures for solicitation, evaluation and selection. Such program activities are conducted as part of the CEROS Outreach Program.


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